Our Cuban Roots

Hola mi gente linda 💋,

I'm so happy that you are here so let's go for a ride down memory lane in my classic American pink car. I was born in a city close to Miami that is called Hialeah. Most Cuban immigrants settle in this city upon arriving in the USA. Hialeah is not a city known by most Americans but Cuban immigrants and those living in Cuba know of Hialeah. It's sort of a mecca, a safe haven for Cuban refugees. Hialeah was my first home and connection to my Cuban roots. It's a city whose unofficial language is Spanish. My parents fled communist Cuba and settled in sunny Miami. I grew up listening to stories about the horrendous human rights violations my parents endured, how their family members were murdered by the government and how there was never enough food. The stories would always leave me heartbroken and afraid of what people were still enduring in Cuba. As I grew older those stories felt more real and personal to me so I began to do research on Cuba. I spent hours in the library searching for books on Cuba and immersing myself in their wisdom. Books weren't enough for me so at 18 I hoped on a plane and headed to Havana, Cuba. I was on the many first flights to Cuba from the USA after travel restrictions were lifted and it was no longer illegal to travel to Cuba. Minutes before landing I was sitting by the window seat looking out at Cuba and this gut wrenching sadness came over me and I began to cry. I cried for those who had left and could never come back, I cried for those who died because they spoke up, I cried for those who fled by boat but died on the way but I especially cried for my parents who had not been back in decades. As the plane was landing I wiped my tears off and tried to contain my tears. The moment I walked off that plane and into the Jose Marti Airport everything changed. Those stories I heard growing up were quite real, those books and videos I watched were coming to life right in front of me and I spent most of the trip in shock. My whole body was shocked as it was hard to process everything that I was seeing, touching and feeling for the first time. To say Cuba holds a special place in my heart is an understatement and the only way I've found that I can honor her is through my creations. Everything I create is with Cuba in mind that's why I decided that as much as plants speak to me so does my heritage, and I knew that I had to find a place for them in my creations! Cuba is a love story that most knew of but have long forgotten about. Though the world moved on and made advances Cuba has lagged behind and many would say that it is stuck in time. Cuba is for the artist, the dreamer, the lover, the entrepreneur and the one looking for a human connection. The love story that I long to tell is of lovers walking down the Malecon, as the sun beats down on their golden skin and the salty sea breeze ruffles their attire. The anticipation of that passionate kiss as they drive in a classic American car. The swaying of her strikingly red dress and his jet black tuxedo as their bodies move to the latin beats. Nathalie Marie Skin is calling for the classic and the timeless. We long to source some of our plant ingredients from Cuba’s farmers but for now we will have to wait for relations to better! Though we currently can not source directly from Cuba we do use native plants and fruit ingredients found on the island. With every purchase of Nathalie Marie Skin you are taking a little bit of Cuban homeland and plant goodness to your home and skin!


Nathalie Marie