Cuba needs your help! Find out what you can do!


Cuba is pleading for your help and here's why. Cuba has been under communist dictatorship for more than 60 plus year. There has only been one family governing this tropical island with an iron fist. Anything and everything can be considered a slit at against the Cuban government which can land you in jail or in your deathbed. About 3 weeks ago massive protests erupted all over the island and Cubans were shouting "LIBERTAD, LIBERTAD" which means Freedom. The police and special forces were sent to the streets to stop these protestors at any cost. Many were shot and killed in cold blood. Since the protests have ended the Cuban government has been shutting off internet connection, electricity and water. The Cuban police is going door to door and taking those who protested and jailing them. Kids as young as 15 years old are being sentenced to jail for having participated in these protests. Can you imagine being 15 years old and being jailed for protesting for freedom. Though massive protests haven't erupted again the Cuban people still need and want your help. If you want to help please share social media posts about Cuba, contact your politicians and ask them to help the Cuban people, and have discussions with fellow Cubans. Spreading information about what is going on in Cuba is key to getting the international community and getting the help Cubans have been pleading for. Please keep sharing information about Cuba and talking about what is going on this beautiful island. SOSCUBA, FREECUBA