How to make Cuban Picadillo

Cuban Picadillo has been my go to during this quarantine because of how easy and delicious it is. Everyone makes picadillo differently but this is how I make it so don’t fret if it’s a bit different. If you do make it differently comment down below how you prepare it. I don’t give exact measurements because I believe cooking is very much an art form that doesn’t come with a precise manual. Enjoy and don’t forget to share on social media and tag us!



  • Ground beef ( 1 packet)

  • Red Pepper (1)

  • Green Pepper (1)

  • Tomato Sauce (1 large can)

  • White Vinegar (as needed)

  • Raisins (to taste)

  • Olives (to taste)

  • Cumin (to taste)

  • Sazon Goya with Azafran (1 packet)

  • Salt (to taste)

  • Potatoes (4 to 5 potatoes)

  • Olive Oil (to taste)



  1. Slice your red pepper, green pepper and onion into thin slices

  2. Grab a non-stick or iron cast pan and turn on your stove to medium heat

  3. Add extra virgin olive oil to the pan and add the red pepper, green pepper and onion

  4. Stir and cook the veggies until they are fully cooked

  5. Once the veggies are fully cooked add salt, cumin and sazon Goya with Azafran

  6. Turn the heat down to low and keep stirring

  7. In a pot add water and bring the heat to high

  8. Once the water is boiling add the potatoes. If you want the potatoes to cook quickly then slice them in half

  9. Add the tomato sauce, white vinegar, raisins and olives to the pan with the veggies

  10. Stir and mix the ingredients

  11. Then add the ground beef and cook until brown. Bring the heat to medium and cook for about 20 minutes

  12. Add the potatoes to the pan and slice them as you see fit. I prefer thin slices but you might like bigger chunks of potatoes

  13. Mix everything and let simmer on low for about 15 minutes

  14. Cuban Picadillo is usually served with white rice and black beans but I usually just make it with white rice

  15. Enjoy and don’t forget to comment down below and share to your social media

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