How to make Cafecito Cubano

Coffee is a staple in any Cuban household and the way that it is prepared is unique to the island and its people. This recipe has been passed down in my family for generations but if I am honest with you its a recipe that is found in every Cuban household. From those that prepare their coffee on the sun bathed and breezy island to those that now call the snowy mountains of the United States their home, one common factor is the coffee. I eyeballed this recipe therefore don’t feel the need to follow the recipe down to its precise measurement. Get creative and have fun. Don’t forget to post a picture of your coffee and tag us in it. Put on some Cuban music, my favorites are Buena Vista Social Club and Celia Cruz and lets start making that cafecito.

  1. First set your ingredients aside which will be coffee, sugar (white or brown) and water. My favorite coffee brands are Bustelo and Cafe La Llave. Grab your stovetop espresso coffee maker (Moka Pot) and your espresso cup

  2. Grab your stovetop espresso coffee maker and fill the bottom chamber with water

  3. Then add coffee to the coffee filter

  4. Add the Moka Pot to the stovetop

  5. Turn on your stovetop and use the lower to medium settings on the stovetop. If you use a higher setting then the coffee will brew too quickly and the coffee won’t be as strong

  6. Lift the lid to check if the coffee is brewing

  7. Leave the moka pot on the stovetop for about five minutes

  8. After the coffee has brewed grab your coffee cup

  9. Add a teaspoon or as much sugar as you desire and a small amount of coffee to the coffee cup. The coffee should cover the sugar. Do not use all of the brewed coffee

  10. Begin stirring the coffee and sugar with a metal spoon

  11. Keep stirring the sugar until it has dissolved. Once the sugar has dissolved add the rest of the coffee and continue stirring until a very light foam forms.

  12. Pour your authentic Cuban coffee into a coffee cup

  13. Drink up and enjoy

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