Must have skincare products for when you are traveling!

Most of us have a set skincare routine, but when it comes to traveling we seem to panic and either under-pack or overpack. Under-packing and over packing is an issue because you either have too much product or not enough. I know what that’s like because I have been on both sides but I’ve got some tips I’d like to share with you. When traveling it is important that you follow the same skincare routine that you have at home to avoid irritating or stressing out your skin. First lay out all of the products that you use and check if they are TSA compliant. Then take a mental note of how much product you use in a week and double that amount when packing. The reason I recommend that you double the amount is because you don’t know how your skin will react to a new environment and you do not want to run out of product overseas. Lastly, grab a sturdy cosmetic bag that will fit all of your skincare goodies comfortably and place your products inside. I prefer a sleek non-bulky bag that slips perfectly into a purse because you’ll be needing your skincare goodies at any altitude.


Note: I recommend when traveling that you bring products that will target an array of skincare conditions such as acne, dryness, texture and sun damage even though you might not currently suffer form these skin ailments.



Have you ever experienced dull, puffy and dry skin after a long flight? Well I most definitely have and here is why. First, lets discuss humidity and how beneficial it is for the skin. Most Floridians including myself complain about the humidity but who would have known that are skin needs it to stay hydrated and plump. According to Melissa Kanchanapoomi Levin, MD a board certified dermatologist, your skin is most comfortable at 40-60% levels of humidity but on airplanes it is only 20%. That is quite a drop which explains why your skin feels parched and in need of some serious hydration after a long flight. Serums such as our Quenched Serum are jam packed with deeply penetrating and hydrating plant oils that are sure to keep your skin glowing. The Garden of Life Mist is also great when traveling because it packs hydration and is quick and easy to apply. I suggest that you apply our Quenched Serum before a flight and that you follow up with misting your skin with the Garden of Life Mist. You might have to apply the serum more than once on a longer flight because of how dry the atmosphere will be.


Acne & Texture

When traveling It is very easy for the skin to become unbalanced and experience breakouts especially after a long flight. Airplanes are bacteria filled vessels which means your skin will need some cleansing after arriving at it’s destination. Upon checking in at your hotel room or AirBNB head to the powder room and cleanse your skin with The Perfect Skin Oil Cleanser. Leave the cleanser on for at least ten minutes and gently remove it with a warm microfiber cloth. Then follow up with the Indulgence Mask which will gently exfoliate and hydrate the skin.


Sun Damage

Though you might not be traveling to a tropical climate it is important that you bring skincare products that focus on preventing and treating sun damaged skin. When you are traveling by airplane you will be much closer to the ozone layer, which means more exposure to UV rays. The two types of UV rays are UVA and UVB. UVA rays are long wave ultraviolet A and UVB are short wave ultraviolet B. UVA rays are mostly associated with skin aging and UVB with skin burning. Each ultraviolet ray differs in how it interacts with the skin but both are harmful. Unprotected exposure to both rays damages the DNA in your skin cells which causes genetic mutations that can lead to skin cancer. The three major types of skin cancer are basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma. Melanoma is the deadlier form of skin cancer and can develop anywhere on the body. Those at higher risk for developing melanoma have fair skin, a history of sunburn, excessive ultraviolet (UV) light exposure, living closer to the equator or at a higher elevation, having many moles or unusual moles, a family history of melanoma and a weakened immune system. The word cancer can be quite frightening but when it comes to skin cancer there are known ways of preventing or lessening your chances of developing skin cancer. One of those ways is to wear sunscreen everyday even on cloudy days. When choosing a sunscreen it is important the you look for the words “broad-spectrum protection” because this means that you are protected from UVA and UVB rays. Though sunscreen is a great way to protect the skin it is also important that you avoid the sun’s harmful rays when it is at it’s peak. In North America peak hours tend to be from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. I also recommend that if you are out when the sun is at it’s peak that you wear garments to protect your skin such as hats and long sleeve shirts. Now that you know how harmful the sun’s rays are and how close you’ll be to them when flying it is incredibly important that you pack sunscreen. Not only will you be closer to the sun’s harmful rays but airplane windows only protect your skin from UVB rays and not UVA rays. This means that you should apply sunscreen before boarding a plane and if you can avoid window seats. I know it might be hard to say no to that view but your skin’s health is more important. Window seats are my favorite part about flying and sometimes we don’t get to pick our seats so if you are assigned one, avoid having it open when the sun is out. For sun-care protection I recommend a broad spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more. For skincare I recommend our mask, Sun God by King Louis the 16th (soon to be released). This mask packs various herbs that will treat sun damaged skin and lessen the appearance of sun spots.


Our Travel kit is a great option when traveling because it comes with a sturdy cosmetic bag and includes our Perfect Skin Oil Cleanser, Quenched Serum and Garden of Life Mist.