Is your skin freaking out? Find out why

I know how frustrating it can be when your skin is breaking out and you don't  know why. In this email I'll be sharing a list of the most common factors that can contribute to acne so next time that your skin is freaking out refer back to this list. Skin health is complicated but I'm here to simplify it for you!

1.) Food allergies - Most major labs offer a food allergy panel so ask your provider for one and eliminate food sensitivities

2.) Make up - Some ingredients can be causing you to break out, remember not all oils are made equal and some are fantastic for fighting acne. Oil free makeup is not always the answer

3.) Not removing make up - This one is a given but a reminder never hurts

4.) Diet - I don't recommend a specific diet as we are incredibly different but what I do recommend is that you become an intuitive eater and that you check in on your body to see how it reacts to certain foods 

5.) Your wash cloth - I know it can be a burden but I would use a fresh, new and clean wash cloth every single day. 

6.) Pillow case - Think about it your face rubs all over your pillow case throughout the night so it's important that you change it out twice a week 

7.) Water Consumption - I know that water consumption is overstated but start tracking how much water you drink in a day. Water quality is just as important if not more therefore invest in a water filter that removes all heavy metals. Heavy metals can be the reason for your acne.

8.) That time of month - Bloating, cramps, mood wings, weight gain and now acne? That time of month tends to cause dryness and acne so it's important that you provide your body with the nutrients that it needs and that you slow down

9.) Stress - Chronic stress is poison to the body so finding ways to limit stress and having tools to help ease your body back into a state of peace is essential 

10.) Mold - Who would have known that mold could wreak so much havoc? If you suspect mold in your home please reach out to a remediation specialist, clean the mold that is visible to the eyes, get tested for mold and follow a mold protocol! I'll be discussing mold in other emails.  

Besitos, 💋
Nathalie Marie