How I prepare my skin for that time of month!

 My five tips are not listed in any particular order and you should use them as needed. Not everyone has a regular period so be mindful and observant of your skin. At the end of the day you know what is best for your skin!

1.) Steam 💨: I begin to steam when I notice more dryness than usual. I like to use herbs such as Chamomile and Calendula. I always steam for at least 10 minutes but that is just me.

2.) Layering on the moisturizer 💦: When I begin to notice signs of dryness I begin layering on the moisturizer. For my morning skincare routine I'll add three drops of the Quenched Serum to my sunscreen. For my night time skincare routine I'll mix the Quenched Serum and Solid H20 Balm (coming soon) together and massage the oils into my skin. I lastly follow up with The Garden of Life Mist

3.) Hormone Balancing Tea 🍵: There are various teas out there that you can take but anything that has Raspberry Leaf in it or Maca is a good bet. My favorites are Organic Raspberry Leaf loose leaf tea by Starwest Botanicals and Moon Balance by  YourSuper. I prefer loose leaf tea as I am concerned with micro plastics.

4.) Take a NAP 🛌: The days leading up to your period and when your period comes you may become quite tired and seek out rest. Though our go-go society doesn't favor rest if you can make time for a nap then please do. Your body will thank you for it.

5.) No masking, peels or exfoliants 🚫: As it is likely that your skin will become dry during this time so it is best that you avoid products that can be drying. Your skin is also likely to become quite sensitive during your period therefore keep your skincare routine as simple as possible.

Besitos 💋,
Nathalie Marie