Cuba and it’s Cacao History

Did you know that cacao is found abundantly on the island of Cuba? Because I honestly did not know that! When deciding to add an ingredient to a formula or when I am creating a new formula I research the plants components, benefits, origin and history! Since I began formulating the Indulgence Mask I have been researching the origin of cacao and where it is found in the world! To my astonishment cacao is not only found in Cuba but is mostly grown in Oriente where my mom is from. Cacao was introduced to Cuba by the Spaniards during the beginning of colonization. Until the 19th century cacao was found in many Cuban traditional foods! The cacao and coffee boom began in the first half of the 18th century until the 30’s of the 19th century! Remedios, was traditionally the main producer of cacao and the eastern region of Cuba prospered with coffee and cacao that was cultivated by Frenchmen! French emigration played an important role in the development of cacao in the eastern regions of Cuba and various references in literature assert that until the 19th century cacao was the preferred drink in Cuba! Who would have known that because when I think of Cuba I think of its rich and dark coffee beans. After researching this I realized that cacao was not only the perfect addition to the Indulgence Mask but the RIGHT addition! By using this plant in my new formulation I am not only providing your skin with a cocktail of benefits but I am also honoring my ancestors, their land and my roots!